Conditions of Play

All Member are asked to make themselves familiar with the Rules of Golf and should also make themselves aware of any Local Rules before each round.
 The Programme of Matches, Competition Rules and Conditions of Play are subject to alteration by the Match Committee at any time. Any changes will be displayed on the Members Notice Board and, as appropriate, will also be communicated to members via email where available.
 Competition Time Sheets
 Competition time sheets for Wednesday and Saturday competitions are made available Friday night, one week or less, prior to the competition. Members can access the timesheets via the ‘touch screen’ in the foyer. From 8.00pm on Fridays timesheets will be made available on-line via the club website
 A member may enter his/her name and the names of no more than three other members on the ‘touch screen’ in the foyer.
 When a competition time sheet is full, players can add their names to the reserve list via the ‘touch screen’ in the foyer. As time slots become available, reserves are automatically added to the timesheet but only in the time slot requested if available.
 Players on the reserves list should check if they have been allocated a time slot prior to the competition day via the ‘touch screen’ in the foyer, the BGC website or by calling the office.
 Competition time sheets for Tuesday competitions are displayed in the foyer four weeks prior to the date of competition. Entries on these sheets are then ‘drawn’ by the Ladies Sub Committee two weeks prior to competition. Entries are also available on the ‘touch screen’ in the foyer and the club website. A player who misses the draw may take a cancellation time slot or play at the end of the 18-hole field – EXCEPT in Stroke and Championship trophy rounds which are played strictly in Divisions. The Conditions of Play for all Ladies competitions are determined by the Ladies Match Committee.
 Tuesday Club Medal Competitions
 Tee-off for Ladies is from the red and pink plates.
 Tee-off for men is from the blue plates.
 Competition time sheets for Thursday competitions are accessed via the ‘touch screen’ in the foyer and the club website.
 The Ladies Match Committee may change the Tuesday and Thursday competitions at any time. The Notice Board in the Lady Members Locker room and club foyer will display changes
 Cancellations should be made as early as possible to allow others the opportunity of registration.
 Cancel on-line, via the ‘touch screen’ in the foyer, by calling the Pro Shop before the competition day or by calling the Pro Shop on the day of the competition.
 Players who habitually cancel late, or do not arrive for their scheduled tee time, will incur a penalty as determined by the Match Committees.
 The Game
 Players should report to the starter at least 15 minutes before the time on the time sheet. Competition fees need to be paid before hitting off and scorecards need to be issued.
 In competitions, scorecards must be exchanged, show the date, player’s handicap and membership number, be correctly marked and signed by both player and marker. Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in disqualification.
 Tuesday and Saturday Lady competitors are responsible for entering scores in their Eclectic competitions and Tuesday Ladies in the Vets Competition. This is to be done prior to handing in cards.
 Motorised Carts
 May be used in general competition but may not be used in Match Play or Club Championships, except with a Doctor’s Certificate or at the discretion of the Match Committee.
 Slow Play
 All groups should attempt to keep up with the group playing immediately before them. Having played his/her shot a player should walk quickly and directly to his/her ball. If a player has the honour at the tee, he/she should play his/her tee shots first and mark his/her scorecards while fellow competitors have their shots.
 A break between the first and second nines should only be taken when the tenth tee is occupied. Directions from the starter must be observed.
 Penalties: Slow play - Two strokes.
 For details of handicaps refer to the Golf Australia and Golflink websites.
 Saturday Members Competition
 In all Saturday competitions at least 30 players must compete for the winners to be eligible for the trophy of the day. In the case of an individual competition, if the donated trophy is won by an A Grade Player, then the B Grade and C Grade and with the best net scores will receive Club trophies and vice versa. Players are eligible for one Club trophy only with the exception of the scratch score.
 In Two ball events the best net score will receive the trophy of the day and the next best scores will receive Club trophies. Players may win one Club trophy only, except where individual and scratch events are conducted in conjunction.
 Tuesday Competitions
 For trophy events a minimum of 20 players must compete. If fewer tee off, a ball competition ONLY will be held.
 Deciding Ties in Events
 Ties in events will be decided, when considered necessary, by playoff. But if the Committee considers this to be inexpedient the following count-back method shall be used:
 In Stableford and Par 18 hole events, the best score for the last nine holes shall be used. If there is still a tie, the last six holes and if still tied the last three holes. If a tie still persists then hole by hole from the 18th.
 For 36 and 54 hole events the last 18 holes shall be the starting countback point, then as above.
 For 9 hole events, the starting countback point is the last six holes and if still tied the last three holes. If a tie still persists then hole by hole from the 9th.
 In Stroke events, process described above is applied minus the relevant handicap or fraction thereof.
 Where a penalty applicable under Rule 3-5 of the Rules of Golf is applied to a result this penalty shall be ignored so far as the count-back is concerned.
 Match Play Events
 Matches must be played on the date set for the each particular round. For handicap events, all play will be from current handicaps and should be played from the markers of the day. Matches cannot be played concurrently with any other event.
 If competitors are all square at the end of 18 holes, they will continue playing at the 19th, 20th etc. until one player wins a hole, strokes being given and received at the same holes as in the round previous.
 Forfeiting is discouraged except in the case of illness or other extreme circumstances.
 Penalties for lateness:
 *Up to 5 minutes after the stated start time - loss of 1st hole
 *From 5 to 10 minutes after the stated start time - loss of 1st & 2nd holes
 *A player arriving more than 30 minutes after the set time will forfeit the matc