Local Rules

To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf and temporary local rules are displayed outside the Pro Shop.

1.Out of Bounds (See Rule 18)

(a) Those areas beyond the course boundary fences

(b) Those areas beyond the line of black and white stakes\

(c) Those areas beyond the border of the concrete surrounds of the Clubhouse, the Professional’s Shop and car park areas.  The area between the protective screen at the first tee and the Professional’s Shop, including the concrete buggy bay are also out of bounds.

2.Staked Trees

If a tree or shrub that is staked interferes with the player’s stance or intended swing, the player MUST take relief as per Rule 16.1 (Relief from Immovable Obstructions).

3.Ground Under Repair (See Rule 16, Relief from Abnormal Course Conditions)

(a) All areas as defined by white stakes and/or lines,

(b) All formed paths and roadways

(c) Except in a Penalty Area, all wheel marks made by course maintenance vehicles

(d) All garden beds within the boundaries of the course, a drop zone is provided for the ‘Gnome Garden’ at the base of the cliff at the lower 7th and 16th tee box,

  • The drop zone referred to in (3d) above, is only for relief from the ‘Gnome Garden’. Relief for balls coming to rest anywhere else in the Penalty Area defined by Red Stakes and or lines, must take relief under Rule 17

4.Rock Face on the 1st and 10th Holes

All ball coming to rest within one Club length of the rock face dividing the upper and lower levels of the fairway, may be lifted and dropped on the upper level within two club lengths from the rock face, and their original position (No nearer the hole) without penalty.

5. Fixed Sprinkler Heads

All Fixed sprinkler heads are Immovable Obstructions, and relief from them may be obtained under Rule 16.

In addition, if a ball lies through the green and an immovable obstruction on or within two club lengths of the green being splayed, and within two club lengths of the ball, intervenes on the line of play, the player may take relief as follows:

i. It is not nearer the hole

ii. Is not in a penalty area

iii. Is not on the putting green surface

6.Plugged/Embedded Ball (Free Relief under Rule 16.3b)

7.Use of Distance Measuring Devices (See Rule 4.3)

For All play at this course, a player may obtain information by the use of a device that measures distance only.  If during a competition round, a player carries and uses a device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that could affect play (gradient, wind speed or elevation etc) the player is in breach of Rule 4.3 for which the penalty is disqualification.


Stroke Play – 2 Strokes 

Match Play – Loss of Hole


Men                                                             Ladies

Blue – Championship                                 Red – Competition front nine

White – Competition                                   Pink – Competition back nine

Black – Social                                               Black – Social


100 meter distance plates (centre of fairway) and small tuft trees (on the left side of long holes) and 200 meter distance plate on 6th and 15th, all measure to centre of the green.


Motorised Golf Carts are not to be driven into trees, greens or sandy waste land (8th and 17th hole), and not to be parked within five meter of any green, signs relating to carts are to be observed at all times.